Term of Service

These Terms Of Service

I (blog owner) is happy to run this blog with the name of GIRLENTREEPRENEUR and we are glad you could share here either as a visitor or user. What we provide is a writing andreviews or what it is, just sharing the knowledge that can be shared without being depleted by anyone and until whenever.

You can also share it with us, but please responsible on what you share in our common pages. In particular, do not let the things that are prohibited under this appears in our pages, or connect to our page.

(We made terms of service this Sharealike Creative Commons license, which means you can be "stealing" him for the purpose of your blog for example – but we would be happy to if you show back through the link to this page if you use it. Please refer back to the section contact us.)

These Terms Of Service

The following service terms and conditions are binding for all visitors and users of the blog GIRLENTREEPRENEUR. We as a provider of this blog shall be responsible for the management of the publication of the article, change the content, arrangement of visits and discussions. By using this blog means you agree to the following terms and conditions:
You wouldn't do piracy/plagiarism of the content either from this site or out of the outside in this site in terms of the realm or any rules; And with this you are subject to the provisions of the DMCA;
You will not publish material that is in intellectual property without permission into this blog;
You will not do well in random spam or intentionally in a variety of forms in this blog;
You will not provide links and/or links that aim to increase/redirect traffic to a certain commercial sites, or intentionally committing fraud in the covert links (phishing, proofing, etc.);
You won't be doing the penetration/hack into the system database, including implanting malicious software (worms, viruses, Trojans) which damage the content and/orharm other users;
You will not publish or provide a clickable link which is the content of pornography, indecent, disrespectful, either in the form of text, images or video;
You will use the system politely and ethical discussions, and not assault, humiliation,and other impropriety against other users;
You will not enter the URI/URL of YOUR blog or other site that delivers unwanted electronic messages, or similar promotion methods that are not healthy;
You will not use the name of which is tatakrama or leksikalitas can be confusing or give interpretations that refer to other parties who are not You basically.

The offence

In case of violation of these terms and conditions, then we (blog owner) reserves the right to perform various actions that are judged to need such removal of content/contributions/discussions that do not fit, until the contributor account deletion/subscriber, and the refusal to participate again.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.