5 Secrets You Must Know For Successful Videos

Alright, I’ll admit it.  Call the priest.  I have a confession to make.

Now, it’s probably not what you’re thinking.  No I haven’t been executing hits for the CIA or coveting my neighbors new Arhaus furniture — ok, bad example, as I have been coveting her really awesome furniture, but I digress.

It’s something less sinister, but in many ways much more embarrassing.  It is — video.

There.  I’ve said it.  Ok Mike Koenigs, Brendon Burchard, Jeff Walker and Marie Forleo, now you can just back the heck up.  I’ve heard you!

You see.  I’ve long known that to get your message out in a big way, you’ve got to do video.  Period.

But, like most of you, there are big “buts”.  But I won’t look right.  But, I don’t know how to hold my hands.  But need a new hairstyle.  But like really, does my voice actually sound like that?

So in blogging, advertising and trying to get our words out, most of us are comfortable hiding behind words and avoiding the camera, but without video, your chances of growing big are greatly diminished.

And, in order to really serve you with SEO, Keyword searches and finding your market niche, I have to show you.

So, with some amount of trepidation and a little excitement, and armed with the knowledge that the top marketers on the planet say video is a must, this week I’m working on my first video so I can give you the best info you deserve.

With that though, I’m going to give you the best practices from the top video marketing minds on the planet.


The great Anthony Robbins lists Mike Koenigs, Brendon Burchard, Jeff Walker and Marie Forleo as some of the “New Money Masters.”  Why?  Yes, they all have great content, but how did they get the word out?  In a word – VIDEO.  They were not afraid to step up and provide great (and also free) video content.

Jeff Walker admits he’s an introvert, but he still does video.  If an introvert like Jeff can force himself in front of a camera, then so can you.

One other convincing number — 1.8 million words.  That’s the value of one minute of video, according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research.  Do you have time to write 1.8 million words?  I didn’t think so.  Do video.


Your videos should not be old school shout it out advertisements.  Give massive value.

The experts all give away tons of free video advice.  In fact, the whole basis of Walker’s Product Launch Formula and Burchard’s Total Product Blueprint as well as their entire web presence is to give away such great and valuable content that trust and excitement is built.  By the time a product is actually launched, they’ve built up so much trust and excitement that there is always a buying frenzy.


Mike Koenigs has four steps to a great video campaign: (1) Write down the top ten frequently asked questions about your product or service; (2) Write down the top ten questions a buyer SHOULD be asking, (3) Record 20 short Q&A videos (30 seconds to 2 minutes long) (4) Record 4 short “mini” videos.

At the end of each video tell the people where to go to get all 20 videos in exchange for their emails.  After you send them the 20 videos, you’ll have earned permission to email them with new great content as well as product opportunities.



Youtube is one of the top search engines on the planet and other video sharing sites are a must in your video distribution arsenal.

In short, that means you have no excuse not to distribute and dominate anywhere you can from video sharing sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, Metcafe, Google Videos, Facebook, Vines and Daily Motion, to social networks, blogs podcast directories and through tags in social bookmarking communities.

In short, think of it this way: 20 videos x 50 sites = 1,000 outbound messages.

You may also want to look into paid services such as Koenigs’ Traffic Geyser, which will greatly aid you in video distribution.


What good is your video if there is no call to action?  At the end of each video show the web address of where the customer should go and say something like, “If you enjoyed this information and would like to receive 20 free videos of _____________, visit (web address).

Also, many hosting solutions allow you to add clickable links at the end of each of your videos and you can also overlay links on top of an embedded HTML5 video of you using Javascript.  These links won’t help your ranking with Google, but it will make it easier for your customers to click through and drive traffic.